Thoughts on American-style education from outside America. Never offended if the things that matter to me, don’t matter to you.
These gents are doing the reps.

In consideration of why I didn’t quit being an instructional coach

My last couple of pieces have tried to explain some of the thinking I have been doing this year in my new role as an instructional coach for my school. It’s been uneven. To the point that I seriously considered quitting in the role for the 22–23 school year. Ultimately…

Lots of things to put on the plate. Always.

Reflections from my current working life.

This past November, I asked to put down my role as an instructional coach next year. I did so for a few reasons, but my feeling at the time was that I was doing too much, and too much of what I was doing was taking my focus from the…

This remains very good advice.

Reflections one year into America’s ongoing political crisis

I don’t tend to write a lot about politics. Not that I’m at all shy on the topic. Given my political leanings and my deep-seated belief that reactionary political traditions inexorably trend towards authoritarianism, my political self comes through in most of what I write. It’s just that I don’t…

At this particular moment, I totally get how this guy feels

Taking stock in the middle of a very specific moment

Having gotten my dissertation to the point that there are working drafts of all 5 chapters, the new year brings me a moment (and a bit more space) to take a look through my non-dissertation writing. For the past semester, there hasn’t been much of anything. Actually, there’s only one…

One figures this kid did a bunch of retrieval practice at school.

As a teacher, I am agreeable to many things. Here are two of them:

  1. Retrieval practice is a useful thing to do when learning a subject.
  2. Most retrieval practice schemes are too effort-intensive for me to use in my own practice.

I’m not going to get into it here, but…

I hope the picture makes sense a bit later on…

Notes on a good, old-fashioned insoluble educational quandary.

In recognition of the relieving new world that we find ourselves in, I am taking a pause in my political writing. At some point, continuing to screech while positive things are finally happening starts to sound…shrill. This one is about something completely different. Thankfully.

This piece is about a problem…

This guy had the right idea.

Continuing on the theme of my most recent piece, I thought it would be clarifying to offer a list of six operating axioms that I am using for the current American political moment. Some overt recognition of something approximating the truth seems all the more needed right now, given the…

David Knuffke

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