I hope the picture makes sense a bit later on…

Notes on a good, old-fashioned insoluble educational quandary.

Once more into a three-and-a-half-year-old breach (with a bit more perspective).

The forest is full of monkeys.

Why thinking about UX in your teaching practice is worth your time.

This guy had the right idea.

1. Donald Trump is the worst president in American history.

Leni Reifenstahl, they ain’t.

Trump is a fascist, trumpism is a fascist movement, and now is the time to take stock and act accordingly.

The Secrets of Effective Teaching Revealed!

Ms. Glazer : Student :: Me: Kitchen Staff

Thoughts on the cultures of wellness in education.

File footage of me at the gym.

Happy Holidays, Major Thanks, and Best Wishes

kiss by Aneeque Ahmed from the Noun Project

Just because a thing exists, doesn’t mean it has to.

Kremlin by Ben Davis from the Noun Project

Spoiler Below. Proceed with Caution

You have been fairly warned

Whine & Cheese

Vision by Aldric Rodríguez from the Noun Project

David Knuffke

I taught in NY for half a career. Left the country, not the work. Never offended if the things that matter to me, don’t matter to you.

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